About Us

Cape Fear Salsa is a family owned and operated adventure.

My wife Teri and I (Doug), our three daughters, Danielle, Jennifer, Amanda and our youngest and only son, Zachary, started making salsa back in 1996, when we lived in up state New York, in the little town of Davenport. Farmers we were, produce we grew.

We started making salsa with red tomatoes, (I don’t like red tomatoes). Then we discovered tomatillos, green Mexican tomatoes. Voilà! Tomatillo salsa was born to our house. I know we didn’t invent it, we adjusted it.

In 1997 we moved to Wilmington, NC and we forgot about the salsa for a couple of years. You know, new town, new people, new job, 4 children growing up, run, run, run. Then we started to slow down, started to have a little more time, and started to make salsa again.

Now it’s become a passion, we use it on everything and try it on anything. The flavor, the ingredients, the blend, it’s very good. Friends started eating and enjoying it. They offered to buy it. We started giving samples to everybody just for their opinion and they all came back excellent, “you ought to bottle it”.

A few months ago we started the process of legally and safely bottling the salsa. Since we have started, we have come up with four salsa’s to start, which are our personal favorites.

Sweet Chipotle: Is the perfect salsa without the heat. A blend of tomatillos, chipotle sauce, cilantro, purple onions, garlic and a few more ingredients. The cooking of the veggies leads to the caramelization of natural sugars, which blends in beautifully with the tartness from the tomatillos which leads to a wonderful experience for your mouth and pallet. It is simply the best salsa without the heat!

Smokin' Chipotle: Is the original; from this salsa came the rest. This “perfect” blend is probably the best salsa I have ever eaten (and many of my friends will back me up). It’s that good! If I had to choose one, this would be it (I like good heat ). Great on anything, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner. Just the perfect blend.

En Fuego: Is just what it says; on fire! This isn’t the baddest of the chili sauces you can buy. There are some 2 oz bottles of stuff so hot! This doesn’t compare. This is a good blend of 7 peppers with the captain of the bottle being the Habanaro. This is still a salsa, it has the base of all the other salsa’s we make. It’s just flippin' hot, wonderfully hot. It won’t kill you, it will thrill you!

We have a passion for salsa, there are about 6 more salsa’s coming down the shoot in the next year.

One thing we won’t do is ever cheat or replace fresh product with a powder form. You have our word on that. We started salsa when we were farmers, and though we have switched locations we still remain loyal to fresh ingredients, forever.

Please write to us if you have any questions, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

We hope you will join our family and become a salsa head soon!

Thanks for spending some of your time, to see what makes me spend my time. Hopefully we will learn more about one another as time goes by.

~ Doug